Man City Key Player Sets to Delay New Contract Talks

Kevin De Bruyne is set to delay negotiations on signing a new Manchester City contract until the end of the season, according to an exclusive report by the Daily Star.

De Bruyne K. has cemented himself as one of the best midfielders in Europe since joining Manchester City in the summer of 2015. Since his debut, De Bruyne has played his part in two Premier League title wins, and five domestic cups.

Talks are ongoing between the two sides, but the 29-year-old is now trying to postpone these talks until the end of the season. The midfielder is apparently keen to see what offers in the summer window could be given to the top transfer goals of the club.

According to the previous reports, De Bruyne expressed his anger to a Belgian teammate that Manchester City had offered him a deal that was worth lower than the amount he earns currently, despite his significant contribution to the club since his arrival.

A reduction in his weekly pay to £ 250,000 was allegedly the new bid – including a dramatically better incentive scheme that could net him £ 70,000 every seven days.

This is probably De Bruyne’s last major deal of his career and he would want to properly consider his choices and not jump into any decisions. A positive sign for supporters of Manchester City is that the player has recently said that he himself is managing talks out of a desire to stay at the club.

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