Liverpool Players’ Salaries 2020 (Weekly Wages)

Liverpool Players’ Salaries in 2020

Liverpool Players’ Salaries 2020? Liverpool is one of the top football clubs in the world that pay their Players reasonable salaries and unsurprisingly, superstar winger Mohamed Salah takes home the biggest pay cheque from Anfield – with £200,000 pocketed each week.

Here we have compiled a list with the Liverpool Football Club Players Wages arranged properly by their names, weekly and annually salaries, date of birth, position and contract of each players.

List of Liverpool Players’ Salaries (Wages) 2020

Through a lot of research, we were able to get as close as we possibly could to prepare a list of the Liverpool Players’ Salaries for 2019/2020 season with the correct salaries. The salary numbers are the best representation of all of our research from Wikipedia and other websites.

Player Name Age Position Weekly Salary
Mohamed Salah 26 FW £200,000
Roberto Firminho 27 FW £180,000
Virgil Van Dijk 27 DF £180,000
Jordan Henderson 28 MF £140,000
James Milner 33 MF £140,000
Naby Keita 24 MF £120,000
Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain 25 MF £120,000
Adam Lallana 30 MF £110,000
Dejan Lovren 29 DF £100,000
Sadio Mane 26 FW £100,000
Joel Matip 27 DF £100,000
Fabinho Tavares 25 MF £100,000
Alisson Becker 26 GK £90,000
Xherdan Shaqiri 27 MF £80,000
Georginio Wijnaldum 28 MF £75,000
Natheniel Clyne 27 DF £70,000
Andrew Robertson 24 DF £50,000
Divock Origi 23 FW £45,000
Trent AlexanderArnold 20 DF £40,000
Joel Gomez 21 DF £28,000
Loris Karius 25 GK £25,000
Rhian Brewster 18 FW £10,000
Takumi Minamino 24 FW  
Adeian San Miguel del Castillo 32 GK  

Highest Paid Players in Liverpool 2020 (Per Week)

Liverpool Players’ Salaries in 2020

Mohamed Salah, Roberto Firminho, Virgil Van Dijk, Jordan Henderson and James Milner are the top 5 highest paid players which they individually earn up to £120,000 and above in their contract as negotiated.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1. Who is the highest paid Liverpool player?

Mohamed Salah is Liverpool highest paid player and he earns about £200,000 per week and £10,400,000 annually.

Q.2 How much does James Milner earn?

James Milner left Manchester City to Liverpool and he earns £140,000 per week and £7,280,000 annually, which made him the fifth highest paid player in Liverpool’ squad.

Q.3. How much does Shaqiri get paid?

Shaqiri earns a sum of £4,160,000 per year and £80,000 weekly.

Q.4. How much does Mohamed Salah earn a week?

Mohamed Salah is currently the highest-earning player at Liverpool salary is £200,000 per week, with bonuses and extra incentives to be added based on individual and team performances.

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