Premier League Records the Most Cases of Virus per Week

Premier league coronavirus cases

In just one week, Premier League registered the biggest number of coronavirus cases as Britain struggles with a sharp uptick in infections in a larger infectious COVID-19 variant. After 1,479 players and club workers were screened, 18 healthy people were present from 21-27 December.

In reporting that it had cases of viruses, Sheffield United followed Arsenal and Manchester City, but its game was yet to be played on Thursday against Burnley. City previously revealed last week’s positive evaluations for striking Gabriel Jesus and defender Kyle Walker. Additional optimistic City Cases lead to the Everton game being postponed on Monday.Gabriel Jesus and Kyle walker (1)

Twice a week last season, the League checked players and personnel but this campaign was limited to once a week. However, after a new, more transmissible strain of the virus that was first detected in the South East of England two weeks earlier, the government began to screen clubs across London twice regularly. After weekly tests in the Premier League, the previous peak number of coronavirus cases was 16 last month.

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The surge in infections has been mirrored in coronavirus development across England, with more than 70,000 deaths since the epidemic in March and 40,000 incidents first on Monday and the number of COVID-19 patients hospitalized over the first high in April. In the United Kingdom, more than 40 000 people have been registered.Man City team coronavirusWith Liverpool and Everton the only Premier League clubs that allowed 2,000 supporters, the return of fans to the stadiums has also been rolled back.

In particular, the distribution of infections affects the less professional classes, who are postponed to 7 out of 12 League 1 matches on Thursday. The rivalry had to be thwarted by drugs at the East Club Ipswich and the Northwest Sides of Rochdale.

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