Man Utd defender Eric Bailly FIFA 21 FUT Birthday Card Leaked

A FUT Birthday Eric Bailly has been leaked for FIFA 21, according to multiple FUT leak sources. For the FIFA 21 FUT birthday promo, a new themed SBC player is released every day, and leakers suggest this is one of the upcoming cards to be put into FUT.

According to EA SPORTS, the FUT Birthday player for Sunday, April 4, celebrating FUT 18 is a centerback, and leakers suggest that this will be an Eric Bailly card, commemorating his FUTTIES Card from that year’s game. The leak shows that the card would be upgraded to four-star skills and five-star weak foot, with the following stats:

  • Pace: 84
  • Shooting: 53
  • Passing: 70
  • Dribbling: 75
  • Defending: 90
  • Physicality: 90

Eric Bailly has always been referenced in FIFA as a low-rated “cheap beast” for starter teams. Now with a large upgrade, he will be an “expensive beast” in the premier league.

While links in the defense will mostly be orange, ones, Bailly has plenty of links in the center of the pitch to get him on chemistry, including Bruno Fernandez, Pogba, and even Rashford if you convert him down to a midfielder or play three center back formations.

No matter the price, this will be a popular SBC once it releases if the stats measure up to the leak, so keep an eye out for this card on Sunday. If the leak is true, you may see him a lot at the tail end of Weekend League.

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