Fellaini compares difference between ‘David Moyes’ of Man Utd and Everton

Manchester United former player Marouane Fellaini compares David Moyes between the Red Devils and Everton, he said that there was a lot of pressure on David Moyes at Manchester United compared to Everton.

No one can argue with the job Moyes did at Everton because it was a remarkable one given the budget he had.

But Fellaini shared what was the difference between playing for Moyes at Everton compared to Manchester United.

“First thing, when I arrived at Everton, I was 20-years-old,” Fellaini told Stadium Astro

“It was new, to me, to arrive in this league. Complicated, difficult and the intensity is high.

“But it was nice because the coach was very good with me. He helped me a lot and I improved so much with him.

“After five years, he went to Manchester, okay I went with him. It was different because it was a new club for me and a new club for him.

“There was a lot of pressure for him, more than me because he is a coach and he has a lot of decisions to make.”

“Okay, after one year, the club decided to sack him. But I stayed there for four-and-half years more – it was different, but always good.”

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