Chadwick duped Sir Alex Ferguson After Missing Man Utd Training to Watch Big Brother

Luke Chadwick spent five years at Manchester United, but he made just 25 Red Devils Premier League starts and missing training once, thinking up a hilarious excuse.

The former Red Devils man made just 25 Premier League appearances during his five years at Old Trafford.

He once missed training amid being addicted to a series of Big Brother, staying up through the night to watch. And expecting an angry Sir Alex Ferguson following his long lie in, Chadwick was forced to make up a story that somehow duped his manager.

Speaking on Under The Cosh , Chadwick said: “I’ve got quite an addictive personality, and I got myself addicted to watching Big Brother.

“Big Brother 2 is on, I don’t know if anyone remembers this, Brian Dowling was the eventual winner.

“On E4, they used to have the live feed. I’ve somehow got myself into a routine of just watching it through the night. Most of the time all the contestants are asleep!

“What’s happened is I’m watching it until about 3 or 4 in the morning, I got in a bad place with Big Brother.

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“My wife, girlfriend at the time, was working at the airport so she was working shifts.

“She come home and said ‘Luke what are you doing’, and I said ‘what are you on about?’

“It was 10.30, I should have been at training half hour ago and I’d just overslept.

“I phoned my mum up and said she’d have to phone up Carrington and say Hayley, my missus, has had a fall and I’m up the hospital.

“I thought it was all going to blow over but went in the next day, and unbelievably, the first person I see is the gaffer.

“He goes ‘how’s your girlfriend, is she alright?’ and I told him she fell on her wrist, but it’s not broken.

“I couldn’t drive at the time so my missus had to take me everywhere. So at games for the next three weeks I used to make her wear a tubigrip so we could stick to the story.

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