Berbatov urges Sergio Aguero to copy Tevez in swapping Manchester sides

Former Manchester United striker ‘Berbatov’ has urged Sergio Aguero to emulate his former teammate Carlos Tevez by swapping Manchester City for Manchester United 12 years after his former Argentina team-mate made the opposite move.

Berbatov, who joined the Red Devils from Tottenham back in 2008, has backed Argentina forward to move to his greatest rivals as his contract enters its final few months.

Aguero will not be short of offers following the announcement that he will be a free agent after what is likely to be his fifth league title with the club.

Speaking as a Betfair ambassador, Berbatov said: “There’s a lot of speculation about where he will go at the end of the season, I would absolutely take him at Manchester United. Despite his connection to City and everything he has done there, he is a player you cannot hate.

“It’s painful for City but if they are letting him go then they are deciding that he has passed his peak and they will have someone to replace him.

He’s still only 32, I left United at 31 and Rooney left at 31 but it’s a different time now and a player like Aguero can still do a lot of damage for a club like United.

“He knows how to save his strength, he knows how and when to attack and when to wait for the right moment, look at how Cavani and Ibrahimovic are performing, they are still making a big impact.

“I think Aguero would be a good addition to United but I can’t see it happening because of his loyalty to City. He is still capable of scoring goals and causing damage, but there may be other younger strikers out there worth chasing ahead of him.”

Before adding when asked how the player might react to an offer: “I think Aguero would feel strange going to United, but I was there when his countryman Carlos Tevez left us to join City.

“It was a surprise for me and everyone else at the club to see Carlos go to City, maybe it was for some kind of statement to United, you could say revenge.

“These days it’s not too unusual to see players move to their rival clubs, it’s business at the end of the day and for Aguero, it’s his choice where he goes next, he doesn’t have anything to prove to anyone.”

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