Man Utd former player Rio Ferdinand replies to Jose Mourinho’s dig at Spurs players

Rio Ferdinand has accused Jose Mourinho of ‘creating a rift’ at Tottenham after he took another swipe at his Spurs squad.

Manchester United former player Ferdinand believes Mourinho may have done more harm than good with his post-match assessment and said he ‘fears’ for the Portuguese manager and Tottenham as a club.

In an interview with the FIVE YouTube channel, Ferdinand said: ‘Part of me understands Jose Mourinho. He has an ego, like all of us. He has pride and when you attack him he comes out fighting. I respect that a lot, I’ve got to say.

‘But in these situations, sometimes he thinks about himself before anything else. He maybe doesn’t think at that moment about the impact that can have on the changing room.

‘If I’m a player in that changing room that is definitely casting doubt over me as an individual and us as a team. What that does to a changing room, man, it doesn’t galvanize them or bring them on the side.

‘It creates a rift, especially when you’re not getting results. If you’re winning and top of the league, you can say and get away with these types of things, but not when you’re looking for confidence and searching for consistency.

‘He’s not bringing the players on the side with those comments, man. That’s why I fear for Mourinho and his squad because those comments don’t bring people alongside him.’ Mourinho’s Tottenham are currently sixth in the Premier League, having won less than half of their domestic matches this season.

Asked after the Newcastle draw, Mourinho said: ‘I don’t think so. We work well, we work hard. ‘But there are mistakes which I probably shouldn’t even call mistakes because they are related to qualities that players have.

‘Looking at the second goal, it’s easy to understand because there are three different moments – the cross, the ball at the far post where they won it, and then the ball in the face of the goal where our two center-backs were in position. You can analyze it easily.’

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