Invitation To Apply For Permanent Residence Visa In Canada

An Invitation to Apply allows you to qualify for applying for a permanent Canadian residence. Once you receive an invitation, Citizenship and Immigration Canada will guide you through choosing the most suitable skilled immigration program.

They will also let you know how to apply for permanent residence in Canada. However, merely receiving an ITA does not make you eligible for being a permanent resident in Canada.

It only makes you eligible to apply for a permanent residence in Canada through an application that can be either accepted or rejected.


While filling in your details in the Express Entry form, the information provided should not turn out to be false, this is known as misrepresentation.

And, depending on the nature and severity of the false claim, carries penalties. If any kind of foul play is found in your application, you might even be prohibited in Canada. In many cases, you might even be banned to enter Canada in any way for five years in a row.

Once a candidate receives an ITA, the candidate must submit his/her application for permanent residence in Canada within 90 days of getting it.

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Also, you need to make sure to fulfill some other miscellaneous formalities within 60days of receiving an ITA and candidates who do not apply within 60 days will see their Invitation to Apply (ITA) expired. Take a look at these

Language Test Results – The validity of your language test results should be your priority as an applicant. Usually, language test results are valid for two years. Your language test results must be valid on the day of your application submission. In the case of expiration, a candidate can get the test again or decline the ITA.

Procuring a Police Certificate – All applicants who receive an invitation to apply (ITA) must procure a police certificate. The process for the procurement of police certificates can be very long.

You are therefore advised to start these processes as soon as possible, as you will be required to provide a police certificate for each county in which you have lived for 6 months as an adult.

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Program Specifications – One other very important factor to keep in mind while submitting your application is to make sure that you fulfill all the needs of the skilled immigration program that you had selected

Personal Information – Maintaining a good CRS score is quite important to increase the chances of getting a permanent residence in Canada. A change in your situation can cause a reduction in your CRS score.

The most common reasons for these reduction happens when a candidate loses out on a job offer, language test scores that turn out to be expired, or losing out on a provincial nomination for permanent residence, etc.

On the other hand, other factors improve your CRS score. One such factor is adding a spouse. The personal information of your spouse such as language skills, education, can increase your chances of obtaining higher scores.

What happens when you turn down an ITA? Declining an Invitation to Apply does not in any way harm a candidate’s chances to receive an ITA in the future.

You should always try to get a high Comprehensive Ranking Point to score by grabbing a job opportunity, getting a nomination through the province, or acquiring high language test scores.

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