Top 10 Ballon d’Or Rankings in 2020

Ballon d’Or Rankings 2020

Many people are actually uncertain about the 2020 Top 10 Ballon d’Or Rankings, where top players such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Robert Lewandowski, Kevin de Bruyne, and many other superstars are amazing. But I will carefully disclose the performances of the players today and why they should be ranked in the top 10 list.

The Ballon d’Or is the world’s most coveted soccer honor that every football star looks forward to each year. For the past 64 years, the prize, which was created by the French publication France Football, has been recognized as the best in the game.

Lionel Messi was the perpetual winner of the award in 2019 where he got voted ahead of Van Dijk and Real Madrid legend Cristiano Ronaldo, went home six times with the prestigious football award for a record in the 63rd edition. Unfortunately for his competitors, owing to the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic that disrupted the free flow of the game for over four months, the 64th edition that should have taken place in 2020 was canceled.

The review is focused on the performance of individual players in the top 5 leagues in Europe – the Premier League, the Bundesliga, the Serie A, the La Liga, and the Ligue 1 – and their contribution to the success of their teams in the continental tournaments, especially the UEFA Champions League, as no major international competition has taken place during the year.

Ballon d’Or List and their Power Rankings

Below are players who, if the award was not canceled, would have made it into the top 10 Ballon d’Or power rankings. These rankings are arranged from top 10 – 1 by their achievements, goals scored, assists, and total contributions in their various teams.

10. Sergio Ramos

Ballon d’Or Rankings sergio ramos celebration

While Sergio Ramos is 34 years old, the Spanish international still remains one of Real Madrid’s most important players. He scored lots of important goals in the triumph of 2019/2020 Laliga season and guided Real Madrid to a successful campaign last season.

No Ballon d’Or judge would not have found him if they had chosen the 2020 Ballon d’Or finalist. In the season under review, his contribution to the Real Madrid squad was enough to win the two championships.

Sergio Ramos Achievements

Won Spanish La Liga title

Won the Supercopa de España

Led Real Madrid in UEFA Champions League 2019/2020 season to the round 16

Scored 13 goals and provided one assist.

9. Thomas Muller

Thomas Muller was one of Bayern Munich’s engine rooms in the season under review, he was involved in almost all the goals the club scored in the Bundesliga. He won lots of trophies for Bayern Munich and as a top performer, he recorded many goals and assist for UEFA Champions League winners Bayern Munich

A total of 14 goals were scored by the 30-year-old German international and a total of 26 assists were made for Bayern in the season under review. After thrashing Barcelona 8-1 to knock them out of the tournament in the quarter-finals, his team is the favorite to win the Champions League.

Thomas Muller Achievements

Won the Bundesliga

Won the DFB-Pokal

Made 21 assists in the German Bundesliga

Won the UEFA Champions League

Scored 14 goals

8. Jordan Henderson

Jordan Henderson was Liverpool’s best player last season and would have been at the center of the judges who would have selected the 2020 Ballon d’Or finalists to guide Liverpool to the Premier League crown.

England’s 30-year-old international has displayed leadership in the 2019-2020 Premier League season to ensure that Liverpool finished the season with its first Premier League title in 30 years. His contribution to Liverpool’s success was recognized as being the best player in the Premier League this season.

Although he lost the PFA Player of the Year award to Kevin de Bruyne who was a bit outstanding than his performances.

Jordan Henderson Achievements

Won Premier League title

Won FWA Footballer of the Year

Led Liverpool to the round of 16 of the UEFA Champions League

Scored 4 goals

Provided 5 assists

7. Kevin de Bruyne

Ballon d’Or Rankings kevin de bruyne PFA player of the year

Kevin De Bruyne was arguably the best player in the Premier League 2019/2020 season. The 29-year-old Belgium International has had one of the best seasons of his career in terms of individual input.

That would be almost unlikely for any Ballon d’Or judge to ignore him only if the award was canceled. In the season under analysis, De Bruyne scored a total of 16 goals and a total of 23 assists.

Kevin de Bruyne Achievements

Won the Carabao Cup

Won PFA Premier League Player of Year

Provided 20 Assists in the Premier League

Scored 16 Goals

Led Manchester City to the quarter-final stage of the UEFA Champions League

6. Karim Benzema

Karim Benzema was vital in maintaining that Real Madrid won the Liga. In the league alone the French football star scored 21 goals and made 8 assists to ensure that perhaps the league title was theirs.

Indeed no Ballon d’Or judge would have ignored him if the Ballon d’Or contestants had been announced this year. Benzema did incredibly well in the 2019/2020 season and won himself an individual award ahead of Messi and his teammate Sergio Ramos, he was named Laliga player of the Year.

Karim Benzema Achievements

Won the Spanish La Liga title

Won the Supercopa de España

Real Madrid’s highest goalscorer

Scored 27 goals

Provided 11 assists

Led Real Madrid to UEFA Champions League round of 16

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5. Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi celebration

Lionel Messi has a 6-fold record of winning the Ballon d’Or and the season under review was challenging for his team, but he gave a strong account about himself as usual.

The 33-year-old Argentina international scored a record of 31 goals but has been unable to put his team to win any trophy for the first time since joining the senior team. However, he must have made the final cut of the Ballon d’Or on the basis of his contributions to his side.

Lionel Messi Achievements

Led Barcelona to a second-place finish in La Liga

La Liga Highest Goal Scorer

Led Barcelona to a quarter-final finish in the Champions League

Provided 26 Assists

Scored 31 Goals

4. Kylian Mbappe

French attacker Kylian Mbappe is potentially the best player in Paris Saint Germain in the season under analysis. He dominated the French Ligue 1 just before the end of the season due to the coronavirus pandemic. In the Champions League alone, 21-year-old France International scored 5 goals and scored 6 assists in 8 matches, enough to push the club to the semi-finals of the European competition.

Kylian Mbappe Achievements

Won the Ligue 1

Won the Coupe de la Ligue

Won the Coupe de France

In UEFA Champions League semi-final

French Ligue 1 highest goalscorer

Scored 30 Goals

Provided 19 Assists

3. Neymar Jr.

So far, Neymar has had the best time in his career. The most expensive player in the world was so powerful in the Paris Saint Germain squad in the canceled French Ligue 1 season.

Before the league was cancelled, he scored 13 goals and scored 6 assists in 15 games, which suggests he would score better if he had more opportunities to play. Beyond France, he led the PSG in the Champions League in Lisbon.

Neymar Jr Achievements

Won the Ligue 1

Won the Coupe de la Ligue

Won the Coupe de France

In UEFA Champions League semi-final

Scored 19 Goals

Provided 11 Assists

2. Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo ballon d'or rankings

On the list of Ballon d’Or Rankings, Cristiano Ronaldo has been a participant in the Ballon d’Or for the last 12 years. The 35-year-old Portugal International was invaluable to Juventus as he recorded a total of 31 goals to help them secure their 9th Series A title in a row.

He did his best to qualify the team for the quarter-finals of the Champions League, but his two goals against Lyon in the second leg of the 16th round were not enough to see the club through. He would have been a good favorite, though to win the Ballon d’Or this year, which would have made it his sixth.

Cristiano Ronaldo Achievements

Won the Serie A Title

Played in two Cup finals

Scored 31 Seria A Goals

Scored a total of 37 Goals

Provided 7 Assists

Led his team to the UEFA Champions League round of 16.

1. Robert Lewandowski

robert lewandowski bayern munich Ballon d'or rankings

There is certainly no footballer capable of the discontinued Ballon d’Or as well as 31-year-old Polish striker Robert Lewandowski. All the indexes are in his advantage of winning the coveted soccer award if it has not been canceled. He has made a big contribution to all the milestones Bayern Munich has enjoyed during the season under review.

He scored 34 goals and made 4 assists to help the team achieve their 8th Bundesliga title. He is on the brink of leading the German team to win their third title of the season in Lisbon, where the knockout stages of the Champions League are taking place. Lewandowski is the most outstanding player in the Ballon d’Or Rankings list due to his wonderful performances and goalscoring record.

Robert Lewandowski Achievements

Bundesliga Title Winner

DFB-Pokal Title Winner

Highest Goalscorer In Bundesliga

Scored 52 Goals

Provided 9 Assists

Won UEFA Champions League

Won Super Cup

I hope this article can resolve your difficulties with Ballon d’Or rankings and player performances, but if you can detect any flaw or omission you can kindly comment below and help us with your own perspective, thank you for doing just that.

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