Daniela Rajic – All Facts About Paul George’s Wife

Daniela Rajic is NBA player Paul George’s wife – she was born on 12 November 1990, in Queens, New York. She presently resides in Los Angeles with her spouse.

Daniela is of mixed ancestry and has Serbian ancestors, she has a sister named ‘Kristina’ and a brother whose name is yet to be known.

Daniela Rajic is a lovely woman with long gorgeous brown hair and hazel eyes, who stands at an average height, though the precise figure is unknown, as well as her weight.


Daniela Rajic was an American stripper, dancer, and supermodel who has faced several difficulties during her whole career.

Daniela Rajic, alongside Sarah Nasser who is ‘ex-Clipper Patrick Patterson wife,’ runs a successful swimwear business called Nude Swim. She is also a passionate Instagram model that promotes her businesses online via her social media handles.

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Daniela Rajic Instagram account has over 220 thousand followers and over 300 posts. She is a beautiful and sensational model that shares her pictures, businesses, and other relevant content on her Instagram account with the username @danielarajic.


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Net Worth

Daniela Rajic is reported to be earning a whooping sum of money from her modeling jobs – she earns more than $48,286 for a single professional shot. It was reported that her boyfriend, Paul George, bought her a Land Rover on her birthday. However, Paul George is said to be worth $40 million. He also has a stunning home in California valued at $2.2 million.

Daniela Rajic Net worth

Where did Daniela Rajic and Paul George meet?

According to some reports, some individuals have labeled their initial encounter as contentious because Daniela was working as a stripper at the Tootsie club.

In 2013, it was also reported that she was deeply in love with one of her clients and it happened to be NBA player Paul George. Among the number of athletes that normally visit the club, basketball player Paul George was fortunate enough to have found love there.

Athletes normally gather at the club, but only Paul found love there. Their connection and relationship got stronger and stronger, and things only grew more complex for this pair when Daniela discovered she was pregnant.

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Details About Daniela Rajic Pregnancy

Daniela was overjoyed to learn she was expecting and she knew Paul was responsible for the pregnancy, but the NBA player got panicked and tried to pay her to have the kid aborted.

According to the report, Daniela experienced a broken heart, yet she persisted. The woman was determined on keeping the child, and it turned out to be one of the finest decisions she had ever made.

Paul Georges wife ‘Daniela George’ was victorious on all counts since Paul had no chance against this vixen. He has conceded defeat and is determined to take the relationship to the next level.

They are now living a happy family life after she and the basketball player have welcomed two beautiful children, Olivia (born in 2013) and Natasha (born in 2017).


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Parents and Family

It is reported that Daniela lives a very private life, we haven’t gathered any information about Daniela Rajic parents since she has refused to expose her parents and family in public.

It’s well-known she is of Serbian heritage, which means that one or both of her parents are Serbians. According to the report reaching us, she has a sister named Kristina Rajic and also a brother whose name is unknown.

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